Concertina Doors

Unlock the potential in your home with our functional, versatile and stylish doors

Finding the potential in existing homes is not difficult with our Concertina Doors. Concertina Doors are custom made to size, so it's never too late to create the ideal layout in your home and to refresh your interior.

By zoning your home with a Concertina Door you make the most out of the space you already have, as well as creating flow throughout your interior. These doors are unobtrusive when opened full, so you can open up your space entirely without a door getting in the way, or create two smaller spaces when necessary.

Zoning your home allows you;
  • Privacy – close off sections of your home and areas that you need your own space
  • Heating and cooling efficiency – create divisions within rooms or large areas that are not being used to control the temperature in your home, which may save you money on heating and cooling.
  • To maximise and save space – the small footprint of a Concertina Door means you can enhance the room in which space would have normally been occupied by a traditional door.
Concertina Doors are perfect for that area where a traditional door just won’t do!


Our Vinylcloth doors are affordable, sturdy and easy to install. Made from an easy to clean vinyl material, they are backed with a cloth mesh fabric for both strength and durability. They come in a range of whites and pastels to suit any colour scheme in your home, and offer all the benefits of a traditional bi-folding door without having to spend a fortune for the same results.

  • High quality Australian made
  • Individually made to your specifications
  • Affordable option to zone your home
  • The double track system makes these doors smooth and sturdy
  • Stylish pelmets and hold back straps
  • Simple DIY installation


For a modern, contemporary and streamlined feel Timberline doors provide the benefits of traditional wooden bi-fold door for a fraction of the price. These elegant doors are available in a variety of neutral colours and woodgrains, to suite any home décor, as well as the option for window panels which provide the benefits of zoning your room while still allowing light to fill your home.

  • High quality Australian made
  • Individually made to your specifications
  • Stylish handles
  • Wheeled trolleys for smooth operation
  • Variety of timber woodgrains and modern colors
  • Simple DIY installation
Caravan Doors
Caravan Doors


Caravan refurbishment made simple.
Concertina Caravan doors are the perfect choice for your caravan. Lightweight and unobtrusive, our caravan doors are made with a high quality aluminium tracks so that your door remains solid and strong, no matter how bumpy your trip is. Divide the bathroom, bedroom or lounge room spaces in your van for maximum privacy without compromising on space.

  • High quality Australian made
  • Individually made to your specifications
  • Aluminium track for extra durability
  • Privacy even in the smallest of spaces
  • Easily refresh your van with simple DIY instructions

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